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Zane Lindau (ゼイン・リンダウ Zein Rindau?) is a seventeenth progenitor among the vampires.





Events of 2020Edit

Nagoya Arc Edit

Zane is first mentioned as part of a ruse by Sergeant Aiko Aihara with Mikaela Hyakuya, when she tells René Simm, Lacus Welt, and their group of vampires that the Japanese Imperial Demon Army sent a platoon of fifty soldiers to attack the Automobile Museum and assassinate the Seventeenth Progenitor Zane Lindau.

This prevents the vampires from approaching Nagoya City Hall where Guren Ichinose and his squad, along with Shinoa Hīragi's and Makoto Narumi's squad, are currently located at, while enlisting the help of Mikaela to save Yūichirō.[1]

Power and Equipment Edit

Natural Abilities Edit

As a vampire, Zane is far stronger than a human. Also, as a seventeenth progenitor, Zane is stronger than vampires of a lower class.




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